Weber County 2016 Holiday Activities

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Start the holiday season off right with these great activities in Weber County.

Christmas Village

The Christmas Village seasonal attraction has grown to mammoth proportions since its inception in 1962.  Each year thousands of tourists and locals flock to the Christmas lights and cottages. Many local families have even made visiting Christmas Village part of their Christmas traditions.

Christmas Village events and attractions include:

Opening Ceremony and Electric Light Parade

Santa’s Castle

Breakfast with Santa: A ride on the Polar Express

Train Rides


Onsite Christmas shopping

and Live Performances.


A Fairly Potter Christmas Carol

After the smash-hit success of Fairly Potter in 2013, The Ziegfeld Theatre in Ogden is bringing you a comedic sequel like no other. Inspired from the Harry Potter series as well as holiday favorites including “A Christmas Carol” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” theatre cast and crew bring you a hysterical new Christmas musical that will make you laugh while warming your heart. Don’t miss the most magical show of the 2016 holiday season. Catch the show every day at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 p.m. Dec 4-23. Tickets are $19 online and $20 at the door.

Forgotten Carols Christmas Tour

This timeless Christmas classic is coming to town for its 25th anniversary tour. Performances will be held all over Utah in Orem, Logan, Cedar City, St. George, Salt Lake City and Ogden. Don’t miss the northern Utah stop. Visit the Dee Events Center on December 12 for this special holiday classic starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $17.

Weber County Holiday Festival

Every year Weber County holds a special holiday celebration that features international nativity and holiday displays from all over the world. This year’s holiday festival was held from Dec. 2-6 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is free to the public. However, donations of unwrapped toys food pantry items benefit the Children’s Justice Center, The Christmas Box House and the Ogden Food Bank.


Utah’s Haunted Cemetery Sites

1e30864f79e44bdcc7575642d22177d1Utah’s Haunted Cemetery Sites

Everyone knows that just about any cemetery can be scary after dark and with the right dose of horror movie viewing. However, these cemeteries go beyond creepy. The following Utah cemetery sites are downright haunted.

  1. Logan Cemetery

If you dare, visit the Logan Cemetery under a full moon at midnight. Rumors say that the large “Weeping Woman” statue cries out.

2. Grafton Cemetery

Life in Southern Utah proved to be harsh and unforgiving in the 1860s. Thirteen people died in 1866 alone. Five children and one woman died of diphtheria while two little girls died when their swing broke. A man, his wife and his brother were attacked and killed by Navajo natives while two babies died of scarlet fever and another woman died of mysterious causes. Many of the 84 graves in now ghost town Grafton are unmarked.

3. Mercur Cemetery

Another cemetery located in a ghost town, Mercur Cemetery in Toole county contains many unmarked graves of miners and their family members. Undoubtedly, it’s no coincidence that people report hearing screams and other voices there.

4. Ogden City Cemetery

Rumored to be haunted by 15-year-old Florence Grange. She died when she choked on a piece of candy. They say that she will appear and approach your car if you drive past Flo’s grave and blink your headlights.

5. Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery

This cemetery was never supposed to be a cemetery. In 1854, Fort Ephraim first settler died. As the fort didn’t have an established the cemetery, the settlers got permission to bury their dead in a nearby Allred Settlement. They never made the trip to the neighboring settlement out of fear of an imminent Indian attack. They hastily buried the man outside. The make-shift cemetery now houses many children, seven settlers who died during an 1865 Indian massacre and another seven who drowned in 1878.

6.Silver Reef Old Catholic Cemetery

Visitors report hearing the voices of children asking to be taken home at this cemetery located near Leeds.

  1. Salt Lake City Cemetery

A popular spot for joggers and dog walkers by day, the Salt Lake City Cemetery is located in the Avenues between “N” and “U” streets. One of the spookiest features is Lilly Edith Gray’s gravestone. It reads “Victim of the beast 666.” Lilly’s husband Elmer was known to be an eccentric fellow with a quirky sense of humor, but he clearly thought something got his wife.

Trail runs in Weber and Davis Counties.

trail runs trail runs  trail runs

Trail running, often called off-pavement running, differs from road and track running in that participants usually run and hike over trails. Utah’s mountainous terrain provides a variety of great trail runs along the Wasatch Front. Following is a list of the best trail runs in Weber and Davis Counties.

Weber County:

  • Although much of the Weber River Parkway is paved, the trail offers 12 miles of non-motorized running and walking next to the scenic convergence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers.
  • Centennial Trail which encompasses the Weber River Parkway is a 27-mile loop throughout Ogden that offers many scenic points-of-interest along the way.
  1. The Ogden Waterfall Canyon (which we will discuss more below).
  2. George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park features five acres of more than 100 dinosaur replicas along with a museum offering hands-on activities.
  3. The MTC Learning Park is a beautiful botanical garden that offers classes, information and instruction in plant care, gardening and pest identification.
  4. Ogden’s Kayak Park, the first professionally designed play-park in Utah, draws attention to the area and provides participants a water course, picnic shelter and restrooms.
  5. Fort Buenaventura is a Utah state park that offers many outdoor recreation opportunities rich with cultural and historical significance. This park also hosts the annual Ogden Music Festival, also known as OFOAM, the first week of June. If you missed the fun this year, don’t worry because there is always next year!
  6. Kingfisher Wetlands provides a 1.6-mile trail loop that is filled with water fowl and is great for bird watching.
  • Ogden Waterfall Canyon Trail a short 2.5-mile hike that features a waterfall. Don’t let this short hike fool you, maneuvering the rugged, rocky terrain can prove quite strenuous!

Davis County:

  • Adams Canyon in Layton features a 3.8-mile hike culminating with a 40-foot waterfall. Overall, this trail is a great family hike but there a few steep areas. This pet-friendly trail is accessible from April to December.
  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a series of trails along the Wasatch Front currently offering a 100-mile route with a proposed 280-mile route stretching from the Idaho border all the way to Nephi.
  • Antelope Island State Park is an incredible place that offers many different scenic trail opportunities for everyone. Avoid the flies and experience all of these trails in cooler months.
  1. Since Frary Peak is the highest point on the island, it provides majestic views of the Greater Salt Lake Area. Trail runners and others can enjoy vast landscapes and wildlife including waterfowl, bison, antelope and more.
  2. Buffalo Scaffold Tail is a non-motorized trail through the park in the heart of a canyon featuring herds of buffalo.
  3. Dooley Knob provides 2.8-miles of trail featuring a lake and scenic views of the Wasatch Front. This trail is accessible year-round and carries a moderate rating.
  • Patsy’s Mine is a great little hike with a cave at the end. This 1.4-mile hike is located in Farmington and features hundreds of feet of workings. Bring a flashlight to explore and escape from the heat this summer with this trail.