Reconnect With Summer With These Films

Now that the snow is on the ground, officially declaring it winter, now is the time to burrow in and dream of those warm summer nights. Grab some popcorn, a blanket, and enjoy these magical movies to reconnect with your childhood. popcorn-707364_640

  1. Now and Then. This is a fun throwback movie to 4 preteen friends and the summer where childhood innocence fades and true friendships are strengthened.
  1. The Sandlot. A classic and favorite of many, enjoy a fun night of baseball, scary stories, sleepovers, and doing whatever it takes to get your crush to finally notice you.
  1. The Parent Trap. Lindsay Lohan is perfect in the remake of the classic 1960s film as twins discovered each other for the first time in years and plot to reconnect their parents. There are so many laughs and mischief in this film, the whole family is sure to enjoy it.
  1. Ernest Goes to Camp. Enjoy a night of zaniness with this far-fetched movie about juvenile criminals going to Summer camp. With crazy adventures, this is a great movie to watch to remind you of summer.
  1. Little Giants. Remember your first crush? This is for all the tomboys out there who’ve fallen in love and try to catch their crush’s attention.

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