9 Tips to Help You Move with Children

alexander-dummer-261098-unsplashThe decision has been made and it’s final: you’re moving. Not only are you moving, but you’re moving with your children. You will be balancing honoring the old home while welcoming the new house. These nine steps will help make the transition of the move as smooth as possible for the whole family.  

  • Family Meeting Time

One of the best ways to prep your children for a big move is to have a family discussion. Let them know why you are moving and that you are there to answer any questions they may have.

  • Purge Before You Pack

There is no time like the present to cut the clutter. You and the kids can go through your belongings and throw out old toys and worn or outgrown clothes. Not everything has to be tossed. There are items that you may not need any more that you can sell.

  • Have a Moving Sale

Once you have combed through every room, you might have a pile of fun stuff to sell at a moving sell. The kids can help with the organizing, inventorying and pricing. You can even take a family vote to decide how to spend the proceeds.

  • Check out the new Place with the Kids

Involve the children with scoping out the new house, neighborhood, community and town. Learning as much as possible before hand will help smooth the transition and get them excited for school, community and other social events and activities.

  • Get Them Excited

You can do this by first making sure that everyone has a job in the move whether it be helping pack, load, unload or unpack. Next have them make room plans. Start with their rooms and if their interested you can move on to shared spaces in the house.

  • Take Them for a Visit (if you’re not moving too far away)

Actually visiting and seeing the new place will get them even more pumped up. Plan to spend an afternoon touring the new neighborhood and doing a walk-through of the new house. You can visit the local public library and your kid’s new schools as well.

  • Spread the move out over a few days

Moving everything in the house in one day makes for an exhausted and grumpy family. We suggest getting into your new house a few days early and moving room by room. This helps with the transition and avoids the need to navigate through a sea of boxes.

  • Enlist multiple babysitters, family and friends for help

Having help both during and after the move will be a life saver. Schedule play dates and other outings so that you can move fast as lightning while the kids are out. It’s always nice to have extra hands (and muscles) helping with the moving portion itself.

  • Have a See You Soon Party

For the kids, one of the most difficult parts about moving is saying good bye to the friends they have made. Throwing a “See You Soon” party lessens the anxiety by focusing less on saying goodbye and more on seeing your friends again. Make sure everyone exchanges contact information and lots of photos are taken during the party.

Help make your upcoming move a little easier!


The holidays are a wonderful time of year and a very busy time of year. For those who are preparing to move, this is an even busier time of year. Help make your upcoming move a little easier!  Here are 3 important tips to follow—

  • Get organized. Before you begin packing up your stuff, take a moment to go through your items and determine which items you no longer want. The more you can get rid of the items you don’t want or need the less you’ll have to haul to your new home. So, take a moment to go through your stuff and donate it to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army or sell the items on KSL or Craigslist.

  • Holiday spirit. If you have young children, they won’t understand the holidays will be postponed or altered due to the move. To help ensure they still have a magical Christmas, take some time out of your busy moving schedule to plan ahead and have some presents for them to open. Plus, don’t forget about Santa Claus and make sure he knows about your new address.0
  • Change of address. Tis the season of holiday cards! Instead of mailing out change of address cards to your family and friends, let them know of your change of address in a fun, festive way. While you’re at it, remember to update your address with your utility companies, bank or credit union, and other important vendors or organizations who need to know your new address.

Do you have any tips to making the move a little less stressful? Share your stories, tips, and thoughts with us below.

3 Tips for Selling Your Home Around Pets

We all love our furry friends. When comes to selling your home, having pets can sometimes cause some stress, but if you follow these 3 simple steps, you can keep potential home buyers interested without sacrificing your pet’s happiness.kitten-1154693_640

  1. Repair your fences. If you’re fencing is scratched or chewed on, take some time to repair and replace parts of your fence. Not only does this make your home appeal stronger but it keeps your pets safe from getting out of the yard.
  1. Clean up your yard. The fact of the matter is, pet’s leave little landmines around your yard. While showing your home and getting potential home buyers serious in making an offer, clean up those little minefields to protect your home from having those unwanted droppings tracked through your home. Plus, a clean backyard is appealing to home buyers and will boost your chances of an offer.
  1. Hide any evidence of your pet. Because you want potential home buyers to picture themselves living in your home, it’s important to remove any personal items (i.e. family photos, kids artwork, etc) which includes hiding any evidence of a pet. Not all people are pet people so you want to create the image of a pet free home for them.

Are you ready to buy or sell your home? Give us a call today and let us help you move forward in the home owning process. We are here for you and look forward to working for you.

Utah’s The Next Silicon Valley?

business-man-1031755_640Have you heard of Silicon Valley? Well, it appears Utah is becoming the next Silicon Valley—known here as Silicon Slopes. With more businesses moving in, startups emerging, and Utah’s strong employment rate, it makes sense that Utah would be a great place for businesses.

To some these findings are surprising, but as researchers discovered, Utah’s home-grown businesses and small, tightly knit [business] community, more business people know each other and have built strong relationships.

Another factor playing into Utah’s success, with the fact that more university graduates are emerging in the STEM field, which gives local businesses a larger pool of people to choose from when it comes to hiring. Due to this, Utah has replicated Silicon Valley’s success by “creating a pipeline of STEM employees through good universities and corporate training programs” (Domo, 2015).

With Utah’s growing economy and population, now is the perfect time to buy a home. If you’re ready to become a homeowner, give us a call today and let us help you find your dream home.