Appliances that have tax benefits

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Appliances that have tax benefits

Tis the season of taxes! Although you still have some time to get your taxes filed—mark April 15th on your calendar—it is never too late to begin to prepare for them. As you get you w2s, 401K, and other paperwork in order, now is the time to also look at the appliances around your home which qualify for tax deductions and see which ones you can write-off on your taxes (for either this year or next year).

  • Water heaters. Heating the water in your home can take up 14-25% of your home’s energy, so now is the time to look into replacing your water heater with an efficient electric or gas one. Also, you may be eligible tax credit (up to $300) so give ENERGY STAR® a call and find out what you qualify for.
  • Windows & doors. You can lose a lot of heat through windows and doors, especially if they are past their prime. If your windows and doors are releasing too much heat from your home, why not look at replacing them with ones that are energy-efficient. With the tax credit, you are eligible to have 10% of the cost up to $500 for the door, $200 for windows. To learn more, here.
  • Insulation. Another area to look at which can lower your gas bill and make you eligible for a tax credit of 10% (up to $500). To find out if you qualify and to get more information, check out these ThermWise Contractors.

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