6 Haunted Places in Utah

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s not too late to get in some last-minute thrills with your friends. Check out these haunted places around Utah, if you dare!


  • Ted Bundy’s House

Some may not know that the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy, had a residence in Utah. The residence has since been demolished. However, the cellar to the right of the foundation can still be accessed. Some speculate that he stored his victims’ bodies in the cellar. With a hole busted in the door, only the most daring will venture inside.

  • Rio Grande Railroad Depot

Recently restored to its beautiful former glory, the Rio Grande Railroad Depot still reports ghostly activity. Reports cite an apparition of a dark-haired woman appearing in nathan-wright-993104-unsplashthe first-floor ladies’ room and the café. Rumors say that she was run down by a train. Furthermore, security guards report hearing footsteps and heavy breathing late at night also on the first floor. Guards also report hearing loud noises and flickering lights coming from the cellar.

  • Hobbitville

Located across street from Westminster College, Hobbitville also known as Allen Park, boasts small houses, creepy statues and violent “hobbits.” A gentleman reports that he and his friends decided to “check the place out” late one night. They kept seeing an old, beat-up car just sitting in the entrance with its lights off. Eventually the car pulled out and followed them. Even when they thought they lost the car, it would pop back up near them. You can read his full account of the creepy tale along with his other adventures here.

  • Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

Reports say that the 1857 massacre occurred when a group of settlers were brutally murders by Mormon Militia. Many of the area’s visitors report hearing cries on the wind and a feeling of great sadness overwhelm them. One visitor, Jill, reported similar phenomenon during her visit to the St. George area, “I visited there when I first moved to St. George 3 years ago, I had an overwhelming sadness come over me, and sharp pains in my legs. I’m in good shape, so it wasn’t the walking, it was different, like burning, or prickling heat, and it was in March, and cool outside.”

  • Haunted Old Mill

The Cottonwood Paper Mill burned down in 1893 leaving only a stone skeleton. The structure was partially rebuilt in 1927 for a dance hall. In the 70’s and 80’s the abandoned stone structure was used as a haunted house and craft boutique. Declared a historic site in 1966 and condemned in 2005, the owners indicate no future development plans for the mill. Visitors beware that the mill is private property and trespassing can come with a hefty fine.

  • Kirk Hotel

Located in Tooele, witnesses reported ghostly happenings such as objects being moved, doors and cupboards being opened and closed by themselves and orbs appearing in photographs at the Kirk Hotel. In 2015, one lady named Amanda reported her account of living at the Kirk Hotel when she was a young girl:

“Back when I was 8 years old me my mom and my brother lived on the third floor, I’m 24 now and remember this as it was just yesterday very frightful experience I had, my mom was great friends with the owner and his wife. I always had bad feelings about the place. One day me and my brother were sitting in the living room when a vase shattered into millions of pieces I thought wow maybe it was the wind that knocked it over due to the window was cracked a bit. Then the day after I was in my room playing some music my mother was taken a nap. My bedroom blinds feel down and went up and back down an my radio station turned an then it turned off I immediately ran in there with my mom scared I told her she said it’s the wind I said no there’s no wind coming into my bedroom. That night my mother had went to the bar came home me and my brother were in bed asleep. We herd her holler my brother’s name get your but in bed now we ran in there and said what going on she said y’all can just stop playing games we looked at each other and both said what we r asleep she said bullshit u was under my bed shaking it we said no we wasn’t even in here a few minutes later she felt someone in her bed playing with her hair she turned the light on an nothing was there… After all this we stayed until I started seeing a lady standing in are window from out back in the yard… Very scary place I couldn’t go back.”